Black Friday 2019: Our Commitment to the Planet


Because we’re aware of the impact Black Friday has on the environment – such as the clothes that will be bought impulsively and tossed aside, or the household gadgets that you think you need, and so many other products that will be wasted – this year, we wanted to do things differently.

Thanks to our HelloBody Cares charity program, we donated 1% of our total revenue (from November 25th to December 2nd, 2019) to the non-profit organisation, 1% For The Planet, which works globally to bring together donors and non-profits to help protect the planet.

In total, we raised just under €60,000. However, we rounded this figure up to €60,000 (£51,000) and donated this amount accordingly to “1% for the Planet”, during the Black Week Sale. The final total is divided among various certified associations. In 2019, a total of more than 24 million euros will be donated to over 1,500 non-profit organisations worldwide: climate and energy (33%), agriculture and food (13%), conservation of nature reserves (29%), protection of water (16%), conservation of Flora and fauna (5%), fight against increasing pollution (4%).

Why this charity? At HelloBody, we use the best that nature has to offer in the development of our products, and we understand the importance of taking care of our resources. Climate change can no longer be ignored. This is why we refuse to use ingredients that are damaging to the health of our environment, such as mineral oils, waxes and microplastics.

Because preserving the planet is more important than ever right now, we wanted to use the occasion of Black Friday to give back to our planet a little bit of what it offers us. And who better to partner with than the international movement, “1% For The Planet”. Founded in 2002 by businessmen, Yvon Chouinard and Craig Matthews, this non-profit organisation builds awareness for environmental issues that impact all of us. They also raise awareness that only 3% of philanthropy goes towards the support of environmental causes.

Through their work, 1% For The Planet works closely with members that commit to donating to trusted environmental organisations, so that, collectively, they can be a more powerful lever for solving the planet’s most urgent issues. Donations from the 1% For The Planet network got to a wide variety of projects that focus on issues like protecting biodiversity, climate change, ocean pollution and many more.

To date, 1% For The Planet has certified more than $225 million in giving to approved environmental non-profits and here at HelloBody, we are very honoured to have contributed to this movement.

Together, let’s make small daily actions to preserve our planet for future generations. If you would like to learn more about our commitment to protecting the environment, you can find all the information here.

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