Bring The Boost: Discover Your Perfect Pair

Hello Beauty!

As you may have already noticed, we recently launched a brand new line of Boosters which we are head over heels in love with here at HelloBody UK! To coincide with this, we’re excited to announce that we’ve kicked off our #BringTheBoost campaign to showcase how these boosters can be even more effective when used with the right HelloBody products.

What are the Boosters?

Our Boosters focus on the unique capabilities of one highly concentrated ingredient (or one specialised group of ingredients) that stimulate the skin and resolve specific skincare concerns. They have been created to suit all skin types and come with a lightweight, fast-absorbing and fragrance-free formula.

So, what’s our favourite thing about the Boosters? Well, they’re easy to integrate into your current skincare routine, they work even better when paired with other products and feel amazing when you see the results and just how they can transform your skin. Now, you may be thinking, which Booster is right for me? Well, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how you can mix and match the boosters with our existing lines to suit your skin type.

What’s your skin type?


Our 10% Vitamin C Booster has quickly become one of our best-selling products, and it’s easy to see why. It’s powerful formula revitalises tired-looking skin and protects against oxidative stress, for a brighter and more even complexion

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If you have normal to dry skin, we recommend pairing Vitamin C with products from our COCO line. Our COCO line has been specially developed with ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil and peat extract, making it perfect for those with skin that needs gentle ingredients and added moisture. By pairing our Vitamin C and COCO line, your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated thanks to the nourishing and cleansing ingredients of our COCO products, whilst Vitamin C will help you say goodbye to dull skin and say hello to radiance!

To incorporate Vitamin C into your routine, we’d suggest cleansing your face with one of our favourite products – COCO FRESH Detox Fresh Cleansing Foam followed by COCO DAY Detox Daily Face Lotion, which you can either mix with our 10% Vitamin C Booster or apply afterwards as the final part of your routine.


We know how hard it is to keep dry skin hydrated, especially during those cold winter months. This is exactly why we just couldn’t be without our 2% Hyaluron Booster! Essential for dehydrated skin, using this booster daily will provide intense moisture to achieve plumper-looking skin. We can guarantee that this will quickly become a staple product in your routine once you see the results it can give! Our effective formula combines three different types of hyaluronic acid which act on different layers of skin and provides multi-depth hydration.

Just so you know, dehydrated skin is a condition where the skin lacks water in it’s top layer, whilst dry skin is a skin type and is when the skin lacks natural oils (sebum).

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to picking a line to pair this booster with. Our ALOÉ line has been specially developed for those with normal to dehydrated skin. The formula includes naturally hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera and organic cucumber, which help to nourish dehydrated skin. Pairing this with our 2% Hyaluron Booster will be a true match made in heaven!

To kick off this hydrating routine, we recommend using our ALOÉ WASH Detox Face Cleansing Gel followed by our 2% Hyaluron Booster which can be mixed with one of our favourite moisturisers, ALOÉ LIGHT. Apply before moisturising to enhance its hydrating power.


Niacinamide was one of 2020’s top trending active ingredients and rightly so! It improves the texture and evenness of the skin by fighting irregularities and stabilising the skin barrier. What’s more, it can be used by absolutely anyone, regardless of skin type. However, it is especially suited to those with oily/combination skin as it helps reduce excess sebum and the appearance of pores.

Our ROSE line has been developed specifically for those with combination to oily skin, making it the perfect pairing for our 10% Niacinamide Booster. Our ROSE products contain ingredients such as rose water and pink galacia flower extract whose toning and anti-bacterial properties reduce impurities.

To give your routine a boost and maximise these ingredients, we recommend using ROSE EFFECT Daily Face Scrub Cleanser as the first step in your routine. Follow this with our 10% Niacinamide Booster and finish with our ROSE VELVET Balancing Day & Night Fluid to keep the skin moisturised!

More on the Boosters!

Wow – what a run down! Still looking for more in depth information? Well, why not check out our BOOSTER ABC? It’s our must-have guide for anyone interested on how to correctly incorporate Boosters into their daily routine. Here, you’ll also be able to take a deep dive into our Boosters and how to use them to their maximise their effectiveness.