Double the Cleanse, Double the FUN!

Hello Beauty,

You know the feeling, when you come home after a long day at the office or a night with friends and all you want to do is chuck on your PJ’s and throw yourself in to bed? 

We totally get it but… we must warn you: going to sleep with makeup IS JUST NOT IT, SIS! 

In fact, if the residues of makeup and impurities accumulated during the day are not removed, they clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing and regenerating. Thoroughly removing your make-up every evening helps to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion and prevents annoying irritation, redness and to skin dryness.

Your first ALLY in this skin mission is… The Make-up Remover!

Introducing the makeup removal balm COCO MELT, which has all the credentials to become your new best friend! 

This bad boy is a multitasker: it doubles as a make-up remover and skin nourishing treatment. It dissolves make-up on your face, turning you into a work of ART. Abstract art, haha. But nothing can top how effective this balm is at removing makeup in one go, making it suitable for even the busiest of Beauties. Lastly, it knows what your skin needs: it moisturises, repairs and smoothes your skin. 


First of all, remove make-up and impurities with an OIL-BASED product that can eliminate even the most stubborn of make-up residues, SPF and pollution. For this first step, we have developed the make-up removal balm COCO MELT, which melts on contact with the skin and turns into silky oil.

Then, you have to use a WATER BASED CLEANSER which breaks down and removes the remaining impurities and excess oil. Our creamy COCO FRESH Detox Cleansing Foam is the second step of your Double Cleansing routine! You can even sub this in for a ALOÉ WASH gel cleanser instead if you’re an ALOÉ fan.

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  1. Massage our COCO MELT make-up removal balm all over your face to dissolve your makeup, SPF and any pollution you may have picked up during the day
  2. Remove oily residue with the help of HELLO BAMBOO (our beloved reusable pads)
  3. Then cleanse your face with our COCO FRESH cleansing mousse
  4. Soothe and revitalise your skin with our COCO CALM (Apply with our HELLO BAMBOO)
  5. Apply our eye contour cream COCO SMOOTH
  6. For the finale, apply our detox night lotion COCO SOFT!

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Take Care Beauties – with Love HelloBody


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