FAQ – product reviews

How to submit a review?

In case your are the proud owner of a Hellobody product you are able to leave a review. This is how you do it:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to the product or set you bought
  3. Choose the number of stars you like to give and leave a short text describing your experience with the product

That is is! This easy!
Thanks very much

Why can I not submit a review on any product?

In order to ensure the best experience for any other customers, we allow product reviews only to customers, that actually bought this product. If you are a customer, please ensure to go to the product or set you actually bought.

What would be expected in a product review?

Product reviews help us – as a company – to improve our products, as well they help new customers to know about other people’s experience with the product upfront.

So above all: be honest!
Besides that we would love to read about: how the product felt on your skin? how did it help your skin overall after usage? how easy was it to be applied? what difficulties did you had? what do you love the most about the product you are reviewing?

Are product reviews editable?

Product reviews are indeed editable – please contact for this our customer service with the updated text and they will take of the change asap.

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