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Hello Beauty,

As you may know, at HelloBody we believe nature is the key to beauty. Our mission as a company? Make the world a better place for all its inhabitants: people, animals and mother nature. Because of our sustainable ethos, we keep a watchful eye on our contributions to the planet, especially when it comes to our packaging. In 2020, we want to ask ourselves a very important question:

How can we reduce our waste and the impact it makes on the environment?

Packaging: a critical issue

As a manufacturer of beauty products, we are aware of the waste our products produce. We’re also very much aware of our responsibility to reduce that waste and decrease our contributions to environmental pollution. That’s why we made it our goal to channel the new decade energy of 2020 into our sustainability objectives as a company. This year, we will take the first steps in laying the foundations of our plan to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to packaging.

Our first step to sustainability

To drive our sustainability mission, we’re launching a limited edition of our popular ALOÉ TONIC. Starting next week, the liquid AHA exfoliator will be available in a new, 100% post-consumer resin (PCR) bottle. PCR plastic is recycled from previously used plastic products, giving the plastic a second life and helping us – and you! – reduce our impact on landfills.

Help us protect the environment and preserve its natural resources!
Shop the limited edition: ALOÉ TONIC 100% PCR

But this is just the beginning. The ALOÉ TONIC 100% PCR limited edition will soon become a regular product, available for purchase at HelloBody at any time.

Plus, we also have plans to give our tubing a sustainable makeover as well … watch this space!

What are the environmental benefits of recycled materials?

Simply put, recycling reduces waste as well as CO2 emissions. By reusing old materials, we can cut down our contributions to landfills, and help save the environment from pollution. Plus, using existing materials and giving them another life means new plastics will not be produced, saving up to 75% in CO2 emissions that would have been spent creating a new piece of plastic.

By the way: all HelloBody beauty products are produced in Germany! This way we avoid long transport routes and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Did you know?

Recyclable does not mean that the material itself is already recycled. Nevertheless, both terms are closely related. Most plastic packaging is recyclable, belongs in the yellow bag and serves as the basis for packaging made from recycled material. Note: If we dispose of packaging waste properly, we will give it a second life!
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