Pure-Balance Routine

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This set brings combination skin back into balance!

The face cleansing cream, ROSE EFFECT, gently removes dirt and excess oils. After rinsing, apply our hydrating and balancing facial toner ROSE BREEZE with rose water which helps hydrate the skin. In the evening, use the facial serum ROSE DIVINE which provides extra care and balance. Lastly, use the ROSE VELVET face moisturiser to ensure an even skin texture. The result: a matte, soft and even complexion!

Due to COVID-19 affecting the availability of our standard packaging, for a limited period of time, our ROSE VELVET will be shipped with two variations of packaging. Please be aware that this temporary change will only affect the packaging. The formula and properties of the product itself remain unchanged and you will receive the same quality and quantity of product, regardless of the packaging it comes in.

Not tested on animals

From: £114,96 £89,99

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