Proper Pollution Protection – Welcome CARA!

Pollution vs Skin Health

AIR POLLUTION caused by traffic and urban living can have adverse effects on your skin (and all living things on the planet) and unfortunately Beauties its unavoidable (especially these days with the climate crisis – we are all very aware of our environment changing). This is not just a problem for big city dwellers either: areas with a lot of industry or even the interior of airplanes and cars also have lower air quality.

But how exactly does this affect our skin?

So what can happen…

Pollution Particles are much smaller than our pores, which means penetration of the skin is easy, causing serious irritation! This isn’t nice for anyone. The skin of those who tend to suffer the most however, are people with SENSITIVE SKIN. This is because the skin barrier of someone with sensitive skin is weaker than normal – making it even easier for pollution to penetrate… EEEK!

Irritation can come in different forms, one example being, oxidative stress. This is when the amount of the oxidants exceeds the antioxidant defense system capacity. This can then lead to chronic inflammation, which, can cause collagen fragmentation as well as the disorganisation of collagen fibres and skin cell functions… Horrible stuff, we know.

Numerous studies * prove the connection between air pollution and premature skin ageing as well. Resulting in: wrinkles, decreased elasticity, acne and pigment disorders. Our skin is taking a serious beating so it’s important we take the right steps in mending and protecting our skin from pollution… ASAP!

Our CARA line was specially developed for normal and sensitive skin. With its constructive, soothing and antioxidant ingredients, it helps to strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from harmful environmental influences. Your sensitive skin needs special care with selected gentle yet protective ingredients – without compromising on naturalness! #naturalisglamorous

CARA CLEAN: The anti-pollution facial cleansing milk gently removes makeup and dirt, whilst also containing ingredients that prevent harmful environmental influences.


Peach Blossom Extract: Helps protect the skin from harmful environmental influences.
Avocado Oil: Restorative properties.
Macadamia Oil: Moisturising properties.

CARA RELIEVE: The facial toner enriched with avocado, amaranth and liquorice root extract helps to alleviate irritation and soothe stressed skin.


Organic Licorice Root and Amaranth Seeds: Nourish soft and have anti-inflammatory effects.
Hyaluronic acid: Soothes and helps to immediately increase the moisture content of the skin.
Avocado extract: Skin moisture and nourishment.

CARA CARE: This face cream helps to protect and strengthen the skin barrier throughout the day, with avocado oil and the antioxidant infused amaranth extract.


Avocado Oil: Moisturising properties.
Organic Baobab Fruit and Amaranth Seeds: Antioxidative properties, strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.
Macadamia Nut Oil: Smoothing and softening properties.

CARA BALM: This night cream is rich in nourishing oils and anabolic ceramide and supports the regeneration of sensitive skin during sleep.


Avocado Oil, Cocoa and Shea Butter: Nourishing and regenerative properties.
Organic Amaranth Extract: Antioxidant and regenerating properties.
Natural Ceramide: Lipid (fat), a major component in the skin. Supports the protective barrier and strengthens the skin in the long term.

*see. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Volume 130, Issue 12, Pages 2719-2726, December 2010