ROSE SOS: HelloBody’s New Skin Saviour

Rose SOS against a green leaf

Hello Beauty,

At HelloBody, we are convinced that everyone’s skin is beautiful. Of course, in an era of soft-focus Instagram filters and photoshopped ads, you may feel pressured to live up to an unrealistic beauty image. But be assured: no-one’s skin is perfect! So, to tackle pimples and impurities, we’ve created our ROSE SOS Anti-spot Treatment – to help you feel comfortable in your skin again.

Not all heroes wear capes: Our ROSE SOS anti-spot treatment

Drawing of hero holding ROSE SOS

Of course, spots always seem to appear at the worst possible moment – right before your exciting first date, or a super important job interview. When it’s too late and you’re just looking for a way to get your breakout under control, our superhero, ROSE SOS, is there to help! With a green-coloured texture, it balances out any redness right away, making blemishes less visible. ROSE SOS also contains a highly effective mixture of manuka, black pepper and magnolia. This aims to reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin as well as sebum, pustules and comedones. Panthenol, allantoin and natural bisabolol help regenerate the affected area of your skin with their anti-inflammatory properties. This makes your skin heal faster so that you can refocus and, naturally, feel beautiful.

What are possible causes for breaking out?

Combination to oily skin are often characterised by enlarged pores and impurities. Dead skin flakes or dirt can clog the pores. The result: the sebum cannot flow off unhindered, it accumulates and closed or open blackheads (comedones) form. If the affected area is inflamed by bacteria, pimples can develop. There are various internal and external factors that promote blemishes. Many of them are in some way connected to hormones such as stress, sugary or greasy food or the menstrual cycle. Lately, Maskne has come into play too.

What is Maskne?

Face masks are designed to protect you and others during the current pandemic. But they can also be a challenge for your skin. Mask Acne = Maskne! You’re not alone with this problem; acne caused by wearing face masks is quite common. The reason being that when you are wearing a face mask, you are breathing into a enclosed space. If you continue that for a longer period of time, it causes humidity. Make-up and dirt can clog your pores and the number of bacteria on your skin increases quickly. Breakouts are the almost inevitable result.

What can you do to prevent Maskne?

Colour diagram explaining how ROSE SOS creates an even skintone

1. Always make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly.
2. Use a moisturiser that matches your skin type.
3. Apply a green-coloured spot treatment to breakouts.
4. Wash/ exchange your mask regularly!

How your hormones impact your skin condition

Whilst the list of causes for skin imperfections is seemingly endless, hormones are among the most important factors that have an impact on your skin. Especially women are affected by hormone fluctuations in their menstrual cycle.

During menstruation, the hormone level is at its lowest. At the same time, the sebum production increases, which can make your skin oily, hence promoting blackheads and spots. But no need to worry, ROSE SOS will be by your side!

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