Water vs. Oil: discover what your skin needs

At HelloBody we aim to create products that are both gentle but effective, with focus on the amazing benefits the natural ingredients can provide. That being said, we know that every beauty’s skin is unique with different needs! Which is why we have not one but two different LINES to choose from (with more in development).

Amazing huh? 

The two lines cater to different skin disadvantages and although both lines are gentle enough to be used on all skin types, the overall aims and effects differ.

But, let’s take a step back and let’s start from the basics: 

What’s the difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin? 

Probably not many people really know. The two words tend to be used identically or in a similar context. So, we thought it might help if we explain it a little.

What is Dry Skin?

When a skin type is described as ‘Dry’, the main reference point is the fact that the skin produces less sebum then normal skin. This can then result in skin characteristics such as:

  • Skin Tightness 
  • Rough and flakey  
  • Irregular dry patches 

Although the word ‘sebum’ may sound negative, as oil in the skin is seen as bad or the cause of acne – the reality is that the skin needs balance, so… your skin needs to have both the right amount of oil and water in order to reach optimum health. 

Another point to consider is that your skin is a reactive organ – therefore in some cases if you have dryer skin, your skin may react by having moments of excess producing sebum to over compensate, causing breakouts regardless of having dry skin characteristics.

So remember the aim is BALANCE!

Do you have Normal to Dry skin? Look at our COCO LINE, Detox & Care! Thanks to the nourishing and cleansing properties of the ingredients, the line supports the skin’s every day regeneration.

What is Dehydrated Skin? 

When skin is described as ‘Dehydrated’, it means the skin can not retain and therefore has a lack of water in comparison to normal skin types. This can then result in skin characteristics such as:

  • Uneven tone and complexion
  • Fine lines more noticeable
  • Skin appears dull

As mentioned before your skin needs to have BOTH the right amount of OIL and WATER in order to reach optimum health. 

So repeat after us “THE SKIN NEEDS BALANCE!”

Do you have Normal to Dehydrated skin? Look at our ALOÉ LINE, Hydra & Glow! The hydrating and plumping treatments will help you achieve a naturally radiant complexion! 

But, our skin changes with the seasons – sometimes we need something more rich in the colder months and something lighter when it’s warmer.

So even if you have a relatively normal skin type, you might need a boost in different departments throughout the year! 🙂

We’re far from finished! 

Our lines are expanding and we are constantly inventing, creating and brainstorming ways to make our products diverse and inclusive. There is research taking place at all times, to both further improve our current range and extend our reach to cater to every beauties skin type – so keep your eyes peeled!

Take Care Beauties – with Love HelloBody

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*If you have severe skin concerns or specific sensitivities, PLEASE make sure you consult a medical professional before considering ANY skin care product 


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